cancer treatment with chlorine dioxide MMS, a major advance

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

Youtube removed the English translation of this very important video. The UNN translation team has tried to provide an accurate translation, which unfortunately does not account for Dr. Scwartz' colloquialism.

The below video as per original where YouTube removed the translation...

A saved copy below with English translation:

Journal of Cancer Treatment & Diagnostics, Open Access Journal

Journal of Cancer Treatment & Diagnosis is an International peer reviewed open access journal which is praised as the source for most up to date information related to cancer research & treatment including oncology, diagnosis and prevention of cancer.

The prior aim of the journal is to eradicate cancer from human population by providing sufficient information to the doctors about the rapid changes occurring in the field of cancer research& treatment in the form of comprehensive review articles on cancer topics and current issues that are related to cancer care.


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