Lane Keller

Ex. Producer, Co-Host

Lane is an author/ filmmaker who has dedicated her efforts to creating long term solutions for shifting to a higher paradigm. Raised holistically and author of such books as Covenent of Poppies, a novel that explores the destruction of the sovereign nation of Yugoslavia, and A Mother's New World Order (NWO) Handbook: How to survive the Illuminati and other dangers, she has immersed herself in the fight for human emancipation.


John F.


John has turned his IT expertise to film editing in the effort to help bring forth truth and raise the planetary vibration through word, visuals and sound. Toward the latter end, he has invented a device to release continuous high frequencies. 

Teri Lynn

Producer, Co-Host

Teri has been in the field of communication access for 25 years. Her insatiable quest for truth coupled with passion for health related topics have given her an eclectic knowledge base. She is a writer, author, degreed interpreter and certified mind/body nutrition coach.

Unapologetically Me: THE BITCH IN MY POCKET Paperback – April 11, 2020

by TERI LYNN (Author)


Neil W.

Assoc. Producer, Research

Neil has acquired life skills in many languages and cultures along with knowledge of earth’s hidden history. He is an insatiable seeker of deleted internet knowledge and has acquired an understanding of business and related life skills working alone and as part of a team. A degree holder in Business Economics, Neil is an Operations Resolution Manager of a small but important business consortium.

André S.

Web Designer


André is a business owner whose career started off in mainframe computing before moving into a scuba orientated vocation with some truth seeking done on the side. The truth quest started after two pivotal moments, one  regarding animal communication and the other the twin towers narrative. Exploring these false mainstream accounts helped make André the critical thinker she is today,  one who enjoys sharing her knowledge with people interested in learning.